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Designed and developed core API functionality for scalable operations

VoterScore is a nonprofit project aimed at helping voters map out their upcoming elections. This project has come from concept to production with the help of Markland Bytes.

Early on, VoterScore had lofty goals and significant features but faced lots of challenges with executing the vision for the project. That changed as we engaged with Markland Bytes to discuss our needs. It was obvious from the first chat we were talking with the right people. Errol from Markland Bytes has been exactly what we needed to be successful. His knowledge and coding abilities are phenomenal but also the way he was able to work with us and our ever-changing requests made it feel as though everything was attainable.

Through multiple engagements, VoterScore has required Markland Bytes’s support in developing new features and, in some cases, entirely new applications. For these projects, there are multiple integrations with other services that add complexity. This was not an issue at all; every project exceeded our expectations and allowed for further flexibility and customization for the needs of the project.

As our products are growing and the need for new features arise we feel confident we can deliver knowing we can call on Markland Bytes for assistance. Finding Errol has been the only reason VoterScore is where it is today.

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