Scripts / Automation Development

What would you rather be doing: boring tasks that eat up your time and energy or finding ways to automate those tasks so that you can focus on increasing revenue? If automating tasks sounds more attractive, then Markland Bytes will be able to assist you on achieving that. 

We can assist and create ways to automate those tasks. Freeing up your resources that you can put towards solving more interesting problems. Fortunately, almost any task can be automated. It takes the right idea and approach to realize a solution that works for your needs. Markland Bytes can help you discover that solution.



Web Application Development

Do you have a great idea for a web application or web service? Something that you believe the market absolutely needs? Markland Bytes can help turn that idea into reality. Let’s sync up in planning how we’ll get that idea onto the web as efficiently as possible.

Or perhaps you already have a web application that isn’t meeting your expectations. Markland Bytes can help with figuring out what it takes to get that web application working the way you expected. Whether that’s modernizing the application, enhancing the overall security, or the many other ways to improve the application, Markland Bytes can help you achieve that goal.

Have a really unique idea? Let’s sync up so that we can work to better understand exactly what you need. We’ll create a solution that fits your idea and discuss ways to take your idea to the next level.



API Development

Your customers love your ideas. They derive a ton of value from it and they wish they can integrate to easily incorporate your content into their own products. Application Program Interfaces or APIs are a great way to serve your content in a manner that customers can easily incorporate it into their own products.

Markland Bytes can create an API that works the way you want it to. You can rest well knowing that all interactions with your API are secure and controlled. Not only will we provide documentation for others to understand how your API works, we’ll also provide a way for your clients to demo your API’s functionality.