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Created geographically-controlled booking flow to better serve customers. 

Sky Blue Cleaners operated an online booking system (provided by their website builder) to help their customers schedule appointments for their dry-cleaning needs. While this was helpful for customers, this sometimes presented an inconvenience for the business owner: customers anywhere could schedule at any time. This issue really presented itself when there was a scenario where customers that are geographically far from each other would schedule appointments for times that are very close to each other.

Markland Bytes helped to develop a custom solution within the website builder that will allow the business owner to control which times the business will be able to serve different geographical locations. By empowering the business owner with these controls, business operations went from needing to frequently follow up with customers to re-adjust booking times to hiring more people to keep up with the increasing business demands.

Thanks to also developing additional improvements to streamline how the booking flow operates, Sky Blue Cleaners has achieved fantastic ROI from this project. The customers are happier because the business is able to reliably cater to their needs. The employees are happier because the business owner can create optimal delivery conditions that the employees can adapt to.

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